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The delicate eye contour area is the part of the face that is the first to show signs of aging. 

Russell Organics has formulated and perfected eye contour products to reduce visible signs of aging, and restore the skin tone of the eye contour. 

Formulated without harmful toxins and with the finest natural botanical extracts and oils, our eye care products are as effective as they are gentle.

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Eye Contour Corrector Russell Organics Eye Contour Corrector
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Firm, fortify, and nourish the eye area with this lightweight, oil-free gel. Suitable for all skin types.Organic Linseed Extract and Crithmum Maritimum (Samphire) Extract offer this delicate area added support by delivering calming, softening, and nourishing benefits. Organic Rye Extract boosts the skin’s natural firming and lifting capabilities, while hydrolyzed Lupine Protein helps the skin retain moisture. Myrtus Communis (Myrtus) Leaf Extract nurtures the skin and provides a vibrant...

Eye Creme Eye Creme | Russell Organics
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With botanical ingredients specifically chosen to combat the key issues for the eye area - wrinkles, loss of elasticity, puffiness, and hyperpigmentation, our eye creme restores and relaxes this most delicate region of the face.Crithmum Maritimum, an incredible variety of sea fennel, has a dramatic soothing and calming effect when topically applied. Pinus Pinaster shields the skin from damage caused by everyday environmental issues. Saccharomyces Cerivisiae (Yeast) Extract and Rhodiola...