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"Extracted from trees in Morocco, this oil has a slew of anti-aging properties and helps nourish, moisturize and improve your skin's elasticity. Try: Russell Organics Argan Oil ($28.00"
Natural Health Magazine
"Russell Organics nourishing Argan Oil fights frizz, smoothes and adds instant shine. $28.00"
GenLux Magazine

"Ever since the beauty biz caught onto the buzz about argan oil, lots of companies have started including it in their skin and hair products. And that's all well and good—we'll take argan oil however we can get it. But we can't help but get a little annoyed when a product is marketed as uber-argany (we made up that term) and then there's hardly any argan oil in there. Russell Organics thinks that's uncool, too, which is why they offer a (recyclable) bottle of 100% Pure Argan Oil. Argan oil on its own doesn't need help moisturizing skin and hair, so unlike many other brands, Russell Organics hasn't added anything to theirs—no fillers or fragrances or preservatives or additional oils or even water. It just doesn't need them in order to be and stay beneficial. Naturally packed with vitamins, this certified vegan treat boasts a lot of nourishment from which every inch of you can reap gorgeous rewards. It might even make your more ingredient-heavy products jealous. "
New Beauty Magazine
"Get a two-for-one special with anti-oxidant rich Argan Oil from Russell Organics.Not only is it great for hair, adding tons of shine while reducing split ends, it also helps create a beautiful healthy complexion. Plus, it's 100% organic, so using it is worry-free. Snag a bottle for $28.00 at"
Short Hair Magazine

"Russell Organics Argan Oil is the purest form of Argan oil you can buy. Argan oil is known as "liquid gold" in the beauty community for it’s ability to moisturize on a deep level without feeling greasy or heavy. The oil is perfect for taming frizz, adding shine, or sealing light moisture into fine hair without the weight of a heavy conditioner. In our opinion, Russell Organics Argan oil is a must-add ingredient to any hair routine."
The Luxury Spot


“Makeup is the final touch for smooth skin. To achieve flawless results, apply Russell Organics Camellia Oil. Used for centuries in Japan for hair and skin care, the pure Camellia seed oil is perfect for all skin types.”

“Le maquillage est la touché finale sur une peau douce. Pour des resultants parfaits, appliquez ‘huile organique “Camellia” de Russell. Utilisee depuls des slecles au Japon pour les seins de la peau et des cheveux, l’huile pure de Camelia est parfait pout tous les types de peau.”

Canadian Hairdresser Magazine

"Russell Organics, a leading luxury organic beauty brand based in the United States, formulates all products to be as natural as possible and 100 percent toxin-free. Every product produced is certified cruelty-free and certified vegan.
Russell Organics Argan Oil is an organic treat that is a triple threat. Ideal for hair care (tames split ends), skin care (moisturizer), and nail care. Pure and toxin-free, Russell Organics Argan Oil is a travel friendly size and can be tossed into a weekend bag to handle all beauty needs for the trip.
Russell Organics Camellia Oil is pure Camellia Seed Oil, nothing else in the jar. Used for centuries in Japan for hair care and skin care, Camellia Seed Oil is well tolerated by all skin types and hair types.
All of Russell Organics packaging is recyclable and the company is a carbon neutral organization. For more information visit or call (203)285-6633."
California Stylist

"Talk about pure and natural! Russell Organics Argan hair treatment is made up of 100% argan oil to nourish and moisturize. ("
Beauty Launchpad Magazine

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