Russell Organics Hair Serum

Say good-bye to split ends and hard to manage, lifeless looking hair. Russell Organics offers hair serums and oils that are created with one thing in mind; restoring your hair and imparting sheen and lustre.

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Lemon Olive Scalp Treatment Russell Organics Lemon Olive Scalp Treatment
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A rich botanical complex, artfully formulated, that produces shine and moisturizes the scalp and hair. Flavanoids, Gammoryzanol, and Omega-6 provide anti-oxidant protection. Alpha Linolenic Acid from the Chia Seed Extract maintains moisture levels and prevents scaling. Why this product Rocks: Acai Oil - a moisturizing oil derived from the Acai Berry. The dark purple fruit of the acai has been used for centuries in Brazil, and contains more than ten times the antioxidant levels found in...

Ultima Serum Russell Organics Ultima Serum
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By popular demand from our customers, we set out to formulate an all natural hair finishing serum. The result is Ultima Serum. The only global, all natural finishing serum in the market.  We start with a rich and powerful botanical complex that produces shine and tames damaged hair. With the finest natural hair oils available - Argan Oil, Camellia Oil, and Kukui Nut Oil, all off the charts with Essential Fatty Acids, the serum nurtures, moisturizes, refines, and protects the hair shaft....