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In this section we hope to answer all of your potential questions regarding our website, our policies, and our company. Should you have any remaining questions after reviewing this page, please feel free to contact us at (203)285-6633 or at

You say your products are toxin free. Why is this important?
There are several reasons why this should be important to you as a consumer; first, what you put on your skin in most cases absorbs into your body, second, a number of toxins actually cause skin reactions and irritations, and finally, we are able to formulate our luxury brand without any toxins. It costs more, but you are worth it.

Hey. Why aren't your products in pretty boxes like everyone else?
Well, we are concerned about our planet, and you should be too. The carbon footprint involved in the harvesting of trees, transportation of the trees to the mill, the transportation of the processed wood to a paper mill, the energy to create the raw paper, the transportation of the raw paper to a box manufacturer, the manufacturing of the box ink and its transportation, the energy used to manufacture the box, transportation of the finished box to the product manufacturer, the transportation of the box back out into the market, and finally the box filling up landfills, is in our opinion an unnecessary waste of resources just so a product can have a pretty box that is thrown away anyway.

Why are your products better?
1. We are toxin free. Chances are the other brands you may use, use one or more of the following ingredients - parabens, urea, sodium laurel sulfate, propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, parfum/fragrance, and colorants. We never use any of these ingredients.
2. We are Cruelty Free Certified. The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organization has certified Russell Organics products as Cruelty Free.
3. We are Vegan Certified. PETA has certified Russell Organics products as Vegan skin care products. No animal products or by-products are ever used. No beeswax, propolis, or any by-product.
4. We are a Carbon Free Company. We are the only beauty company in the market that is Carbon Free. This means we do not add to the pollution of the environment.
5. Our packaging is recyclable.
6. Our products are formulated to be highly effective, using only the finest ingredients available.

What is your shipping policy?
We use the US Postal service for customer shipments. We do so because they deliver on Saturdays, deliver to PO Boxes, and have faster delivery times than UPS or FedEx. The Company target is to ship out your order within one business day. Once your item has been dispatched, you will receive a shipping confirmation email. For international orders, we generally use USPS for shipments but may opt for UPS at our discretion.

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