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Body Oil Russell Organics Body Oil
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Russell Organics Body Oil. Is it skin care or is it your favorite fragrance? You decide. Try a bold new step in your skin nurturing regime; protect and nourish your body with a luxuriously rich combination of precious exotic oils of Kendi, Rosehip, and Raspberry Seed. Ecocert Certified Organic Kendi Oil from Indonesia is rich in omega 3 and tocopherol. It is cold pressed from the nuts of the Aleurites moluccana tree that naturally grows in the Celebes archipelago. Production is located far...

Body Serum Russell Organics Body Serum
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This remarkable anti-aging body serum is packed with potent organic and natural actives to firm, brighten, and hydrate the skin. Infused with French Mimosa Flowers, this beauty treat is incredibly effective.Vitamin C Polypeptide provides effective anti-oxidant protection to the skin.Organic Rye Extract boosts the skin and restores its natural lifting properties. Japanese Citrus helps to create a lighter tone and reduce age spotting. Organic Green Tea Extract is an anti-oxidant powerhouse that...